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3 things I wish my parents knew when I was a kid

My life is marking another milestone as I am ready to bring a new life to this world. Looking back on my childhood, I relished the blissful moments and happiness that flew by in the blink of an eye. Often, I think of one’s childhood as a close resemblance to a great movie. Dialogues between the characters you cannot recall at the end of the movie. Yet, some movie scenes will just stick in your mind forever…

Childhood goes in a similar sense. Can you call up most of the things your parents once said to you when you were a child? Perhaps not. Some memories, joyful, bittersweet or those that hit you hard will remain ever vivid. And, you picked up some worthwhile values along the movie which just tended to go on a little longer.

My parents same as many others were strict. Yet, I never came forward with my feelings about the overprotection to an extent which I was not able to still be out on the streets after school hours. My freedom was limited. I only had a small circle of peers and friends. There was no Facebook or of such at that time. So, the only way to stay connected with my friends was through an online chat called MSN Messenger. Though, my use was only restricted to 15 minutes per day.

As I grew to adulthood and embrace my exhilarating motherhood, I am in readiness for another human being’s emotions and physical well-being. The scenes in my head only made sense to develop into reflections on things that I wish my parents knew when I was a kid.

1. Let me fall so I can fly

During my elementary school years, my parents enrolled me in Ballet classes which lasted three springs.

I took joy in imitating the dance moves of a Disney princess. What I did not enjoy so much was my mother walking me to the dance center even though it was only a 5-minute walking distance from home. Had my father also not walk me to my morning school bus, I could begin to develop my independence and achieve a sense of accomplishing from a young age. The outside world full of danger I came to realize as a teen would not be so daunting after all. I would have gone backpacking half of the globe and earn myself the title of global trotter without fright before settling down. Do I want to have an overprotected child like I was? The answer is a no-brainer.


Let me fly so I can fall Kolki


2. More explanations needed. “Because I said so” is not good enough.

Let your child be curious!

Since I was a child, I have embraced my curiosity. Yet, it was often left unfulfilled and forgotten. I remember asking my parents why they sent me to a school that used English as the teaching language of Chinese. Considering the China’s takeover of Hong Kong in 1997, wouldn’t learning better Chinese give me a competitive edge? To my many questions from schooling, eating habits to emotions and cultural views, a straight answer would rarely come in order. An answer of “because I said so” would become a natural substitution for justification that would make me understand the world better. Every kid deserves every little bit of an explanation to gain perspective.


Kids Freedom and style Kolki


3. Help me develop a sense of style. It builds up my confidence.

What I wore as a kid was ordinary. Many times, I would find another kid in a similar dress with Mickey and Friends prints on the street. I was longing for the autonomy to pick what I wore, the colors and patterns. That would lift my confidence to make my own choices in the future at that time in engaging in social circles, picking my university major and finding a lifelong partner.

Only until recently, I discovered ways to raise a child without stressing and was immediately intrigued to explore more. They all present the keys to raising kids without worries or jittery. For any parents or parents-to-be, you will be gratified with a sense of relief. Check out the kids inspired and parents created Kolki line.

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