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Get Behind the Scene: The Making of Kolki Comics

Have you been staying tuned with our Kolki blogs? If so, you probably already know a thing or two about our Kolki kids. This time, we are giving you a sneak peek at the making of our Kolki Comics.

Parents love seeing their children go into a creative flow, as it is fascinating to watch them as they create entire worlds of play in which they learn and to achieve. Our Kolki kids always have some games they play and during one of those games, Naomi inspired us to design a pair of skinner shoes for children namely the Kolki Slip-on Shoes. And she had some wonderful ideas for creating a whole story around those shoes, of Kolki and his friend Kiki and Kolkiland itself. Read below for what we did with those ideas.

Naomi’s Fictional World

Naomi loves to draw, and is full of stories and worlds that she will draw in her free time: From Sushi restaurants, to 25 years in the lifetime of her parents living each other, to hairstyles, Hello Kitty…there is literally a never-ending trail of paper and pen drawings everywhere she has been. We’ve collected many of her stories for her to remember when she grows up. So naturally it was Naomi who came up with a storyline for the Slip-on Shoes. She had been following what her mum and dad were doing for a few weeks at the office looking at shoes which would be fun for kids to wear. As kids do, one day she just sat down, took a pen and within minutes she sketched out some doodles for what she called “The Kolki’s Adventure”, a journey on the Moon where Kolki discovered a treasure of Slip-on Shoes and the magic behind them. She showed her drawings to us and we immediately had an idea…

Blog Image 1_Naomi

Such a beautiful story would be too sad to just keep in a draw as memory…, so wouldn’t it be great to bring Naomi’s story to life as a mini comic? We decided to package Naomi’s comic with each package of Kolki Slip-on Shoes. We would start with one story first, and later come up with even more stories, all based on Naomi’s ideas. While flipping through the comic children would hopefully share some of the fun we had making this product as well. A few more details needed putting together though. In short, it was time for some serious adult working. We needed to think about Kolkiland, Naomi’s story and how this could turn from a child’s spontaneous fantasy into something real and visible to outsiders. Enter Felipe Wong, Kyutec’s Art Director, responsible for Kyutec’s branding.

Teaming up for Kolki Comics

Blog Image 2_Naomi_FEW

You might be thinking that tattoo-covered Felipe, with his exotic looks and a fancy moustache, is just too tough for kids and their fantasies. It’s quite the opposite. Actually Felipe has spent years creating kid’s worlds, adventures and toys as a professional spanning several years. Naomi loves Felipe because he can draw anything she imagines in her head and both have fun talking nonsense about what they’ve drawn (Felipe even shows Naomi some artworks he’s done for her to comment!). So with a little help Naomi sketched some further drawings and explained to Felipe what Kolki should do and how. With a few strokes of his pen in return Felipe swiftly sketched out columns of panels. Soon thereafter the entire team was working out the adventure and having a good few laughs together. Felipe knew the essential ingredient of the story was to add some villains (feisty monkeys, beware!) and ironed out Naomi’s story to make it even more fun for the children to read. It was a wonderful experience to watch him and her laughing and drawing and sketching together.

The result is out now for everyone to see, thanks to our creative little Kolki Team – Naomi and Felipe.

Here is a sneak peek at the first few pages.

Blog Image 4_COMIC

Blog Image 3_COMIC

The comics are now out and come with the Kolki Slip-on Shoes! Let your child enjoy a free copy and join Kolki’s adventure.

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