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Kolki’s Temple Run! – Cambodia Adventure Chapter 1

So here we are – arrived safe and sound in Siem Reap, Cambodia after an adventurous 8-hour bus ride. Siem Reap of course is the location of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Angkor Wat, a temple complex dating back of the 11th Century. We were looking forward to experience some ancient history and be amazed the buddhas and gigantic carvings all in this unreal jungle setting. So equipped with a 3-day Angkor Wat Ticket we would tour around the sites inside the park…

Children are born to be movers and our Kolki kids are no exception! Max got overly excited when welcomed by these majestic temples. Clear to him as day, these buildings need to be conquered! An exciting playground of climbing challenges he had never seen before. No handles nor bars to grab and step on! Not everywhere climbing is allowed, one is to protect the relics and sometimes it is just dangerous. Indeed, there are fallen bricks, holes, dirt and uneven steps almost everywhere, just everywhere you go you need to watch your steps. So just the right testing grounds for our Kolki Slip-ons with their comfortable light fit, and high grip sole. And so we started our tour early morning to see how safe those slip-ons would allow our little ones to climb, run around and jump on giant rocks all day long!

Kolki Kids’ Showtime


No fear! No ledge to high, no jump too deep, there can be no stopping Max’s fearless exploration, climbing up and down the huge and steep. It really meant his Kolki non-slip soles were keeping his feet firm on the steps and provided the grip for holding his balance.


Max and Naomi would hop around on the rocks pieces in the inner courtyard of Angkor Wat chasing after one another.


At the end of the visit of Angkor Wat, we took a walk along the artificial lake at the outer perimeter of the temple. Encircled by high sandstone walls built centuries ago, Naomi could not resist and showed off her highest jumps. It meant to us that Kolki slip-ons had passed the test offering her feet comfort and protection on any surface.

We finally called it a day around 4 p.m. having toured around Thomannon, Ta Prohm and a few other stunning temples. Usually, the Kolki kids would gripe about the walking and complain about being bored with nothing to play. But somehow today was different, they had to our great surprise enjoyed themselves tremendously! Hardly any tantrums. In fact, our Kolki kids asked us to stay longer. So we did and were happy to have spent a good day outside.

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