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If you were told that there were plans underway to build a cluster of cell towers less than a mile from your home, would you relocate? Though uprooting your life may seem like a dramatic reaction, the potential consequences of staying put are far less appealing. Mobile towers are a constant source of high-frequency wireless … Continue reading

I’m sure you’ve already seen the “news” from all the cellphone carriers touting the new 5G networks. What are they talking about? 5G stands for “fifth-generation.” Roughly every 10 years the Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance releases a new set of standards for wireless communication. Most of the first world countries are already accustomed to … Continue reading

  We thought we publish a personal story on the Kyutec pain relief pad today from inside the company from one of our staff. We were both happy and touched by this story and how we could help with the products that we make. We asked him to write down his story. Here it is: … Continue reading

Most modern human beings on the planet are probably overdosing on their tech and media consumption.This exposes them to potentially dangerous radiation. Smartphones, laptops and wireless devices are ubiquitous. Earth is one big network of electromagnetic radiation (EMF) emanating from wireless internet networks and radio transmissions. All these electro emissions are generated by the operation … Continue reading

Pain signals that the body tries to protect itself and tell you that something is wrong. When something hurts you need some pain relief. So it is important that you react to the signal and do some sort of pain relief treatment, to either relieve the symptoms or even the cause of the pain. If … Continue reading

Health Risks From Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF)   Non-ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) can present many health risks. An Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) is classified as either ionizing or non-ionizing radiation based on the radiation’s capacity to ionize atoms and interfere with chemical bonds. Very high-frequency radiation like X-rays and gamma rays pose these hazards.   … Continue reading