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Summertime is Holiday time and what better test for the Kolki Child Guard Watch, if not taking its proud wearers Max and Naomi on holiday abroad? DAY 1 At the airport all sorts of excitements can draw the kids away from you. They play with everything around them, be it on the passenger train, the … Continue reading

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World Health Organization dedicates its World Health Day 2016 to lifestyle disease aims to raise awareness of the staggering burden of type 2 diabetes. Be physically active and get rid of that belly fat – combined with the right diet, moderate exercise can help control weight and prevent type 2 diabetes, says the World Health … Continue reading


It’s great to have a lifeline to your kids while they’re out and about? The Kolki Child Guard Watch is a popular choice to track your children via GPS. It’s call function lets you organize the day just in case you are those ten minutes too late for the pickup, and can let your child … Continue reading

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Who does not enjoy and treasure a good night’s sleep. Science tells us good sleep improves memory, reduces risk of depression, lowers stress, reduces risk of inflammation, and has even been linked to preventing diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Other studies carried out pointed to how smooth slumber spurs creativity, sharpens attention and improves performance … Continue reading


On 18th March it’s World Sleep Day. So we thought you might enjoy some facts about sleep we gathered for you. Humans are the only beings on the planet to delay sleep. Yet we spend about third of our life sleeping. Those not getting enough sleep are likely to eat more because appetite regulating hormones … Continue reading


Christmas is over. You have feasted on the gourgeous food as always. And swimsuit season is just around the corner. But your body shows some curves that weren’t there before. So what do to loose that belly fat? This ab exercise equipment by Kyutec might be the solution: Kyutec’s Ab Trainer KT provides an easy … Continue reading