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It’s that time of year again! Everybody is occupied checking off their Christmas lists or planning for their Christmas getaways. For us, Christmas comes as a time of joy for our family and a moment we recall some of the greatest values of Christmas for our Kolki kids (read the latest Kolki adventure here). 1. Inspire … Continue reading

kolki halloween blog

Parents! Are you ready for Halloween? For Ghouls, Goblins and Trick or Treating? Halloween is a time of monsters, ghosts, fun and candy. Millions of children all over the world get a chance to become their favourite super-heroes, Disney Princess or terrifying monsters. It’s usually a night of fun, games and candy. Trick or Treating with … Continue reading

Naomi school day – the last bits of the tropical monsoon were pouring from the sky. Heavy rains meant more preparations in the morning, and since it had been a while the family was also a bit out of practice. To our amazement, Naomi felt good and confident wearing her Kolki, which we made her … Continue reading

First days back at school and the Kolki Child Guard watch has already been a ‘lifesaver’, at least for us parents. A few times we got calls from our daughter asking us to pick her up from school – we had mixed up her timetable. But a simple call from her Kolki and we were … Continue reading

Time to travel on, and once again Max pulls a Houdini on us and is gone. Only to reappear with color smudged all over his face. He was copying the grown ups in the make-up section, trying out different eye shades! Face painting in duty free style! Stockholm airport has lots of play attractions for … Continue reading

KOLKI Blog_Day 4

Lost. We lost our kids in heaps of other kids in the play town of Junibacken – a maze of Swedish children’s stories locations faithfully recreated. But not to worry, parents have strong legs and a hunch for which story would be their favorite – no need for the Kolki but again we could just … Continue reading