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Air pollution is no pretty thing. It blocks the sun, devastating crops and puts humans at additional risk of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Especially for those living in crowded big megapolis of India or China blue skies are rare and air is only fresh after a downpour. Indeed WHO (World Health Organization) data shows that … Continue reading

Kolki GPS Watch boy & Girl

THE SMARTWATCH THAT KEEPS KIDS SAFE AND GIVES PARENTS PEACE OF MIND Work, kids, school, play dates – all of these are rather a lot to handle for families. Child safety is probably what many parents and guardians are most concerned about, be it in school, at extracurricular activities, or just having fun outside of … Continue reading

Portable air purifier boy & girl

Globally, more than three million people die prematurely each year from prolonged exposure to air pollution, according to the World Heath Organization. The cause for cleaner air is now a greater concern than ever before, with the case becoming stronger each year – especially in Asia’s fast-growing cities, where clean air is often difficult to … Continue reading