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The Child Who Won the Hearts of all

There is no greater joy than seeing your kids grow up happily and healthily. We love to involve Naomi, our 8-year-old daughter, in projects of community work for various good causes. Only then she learns to develop a sense of helpfulness and her connections to the outside world. Easter is around the corner and there can’t be a better time for Naomi to involve in projects around good deeds and kindness. With our efforts, she carried out a good deed per day for the past week.

Day 1: Thank you note for the postman

Human relationships were more valued before than they are now. A simple gesture of saying “hello” with a genuine smile would come in order as soon as you saw a familiar face. These days, people’s habit of looking down at their cell phones means missed chances for authentic connections. Kids need educating on this so they can truly understand the meanings of human connections behind media’s representations for the good of their future.

Naomi began her Good Deed Week by showing a little gratitude to the postman, Wah, who came 6 days a week to carefully fill up our mailboxes with our awaited letters. This morning before she went to school, Naomi jotted a note of appreciation on a card for him.

Here is what she put:

“Dear Wah,

How are you today? Is your job hard? Although I don’t see you every day, I know you work very hard. Thank you so much for your efforts! Without you, we won’t get our letters on time! (A big smiley doodle)


Wah is delivering the mail in our building every morning around 7 am. We waited around in the lobby before his appearance caught our attention. Naomi handed him her appreciation card. Her heartwarming little gesture, so rare and uncommon these days, overwhelmed Wah with joy.


Kolki the child who won the hearts of all

Day 2: Donating clothes

Same as every other morning, we were preparing Naomi to head off to school. Some of her unworn clothes accumulated in her closet suddenly caught our attention. When we asked her whether she would wear them again, she suggested donating them to a local charity point on the same block as her school. Naomi has noticed that some people are dropping off bags of clothes at the “Friends of the Earth” collection point and thought we should take part in this as well. We were thrilled with the deed initiated by her.

We started packing these clothes into a reusable bag. A mermaid costume she wore for her 5th birthday party, some pairs of leggings she outgrew, and others which she wore only once or twice, or even unworn with tags.

We stopped at the clothing drop-off box on our way to Naomi’s school. She dropped off her bag of clothes in the same pile of bags filled with other donations. She couldn’t be more proud of being able to inspire others to give and help those in need.


Day 3: Making cookies for the whole office

Today, Naomi wanted us to involve in a hands-on project in the kitchen. To her, that would be the fun of cracking eggs, measuring and pouring ingredients into a bowl, and rolling dough into balls! We feel like our whole office staff also deserves some sweet treats every now and then. We taught Naomi to share her baked goodies, that she prepared so carefully with the rest of the Kyutec team.

We had every ingredient ready at home awaiting Naomi’s return from school so that she can get her hands messy for some peanut butter cookies! After the fun, we managed some work of packing these cookies into lunch boxes for her to bring to the office where everyone was still working. Apparently, Naomi’s kind deed came to them as a surprise and brought a smile to everyone’s faces.


Cookies for the Kyutec Team


And we don’t share these to brag, but rather to inspire some ideas of positive activities you can involve your kids into and spread good into the fast-paced world where we are more distant from each other than ever.

Our initiative for giving back to the community is donating part of the profits from Kolki to a different Hong Kong kids organization every month.

What good did you do today? Share with us in the comment section below to inspire others.

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