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The Digital Detox Your Body Needs

Have you ever tried cutting off completely something that you do on a daily basis? Well, that’s what we will talk about today. Giving your body a Digital Detox. If you are like most people on the planet earth, you have access to the internet and you also have a cell phone that you use every day. And not only we have access but we also spend a lot of time on it.

Starting off the day by scrolling through our social media feed, texting, or watching videos while trying to hit the sack. The list of occasions we use technology goes on and on. Entertainment, social, work. We often get carried away with our routines and habits and we don’t realize what actually the digital technology might cause long-term. You disconnect from the world, hamper your productivity and get in a neurotic state when pulled away from your devices.

If you experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms, it’s maybe time to consider going on a digital detox. Taking some time off using your electronic devices to reconnect with the rest of the “real” world. Here are some of the benefits you might experience doing so.

1) Your Sleep will improve

Now, this comes as a surprise to most people as they don’t realise how unhealthy are their sleep habits. They think they are getting 7-8 hours of sleep every night and they think that’s good enough. Though most of us living a modern day lifestyle rarely go to bed before midnight. Just the constant flow of information that we are being exposed to keeps our brains functioning at full capacity and getting them into a rested state takes a few hours. Technology doesn’t help here.

Once you cut off access to technology for a modest period of time, let’s say a week, you will notice that your body’s natural clock will adapt and you will be ready to go to sleep just a few hours past sunset. Unlike the usual evening where we spend hours glued to the screens of our phones, tablets, and laptops, our body will adjust its schedule and you will find it much easier to fall asleep.

Not only that. Instead of dreading in the morning pressing the snooze button, you will wake up more energized ready to run the day!

2. Better Sleep – Fresher Mornings

If you are like most people, you wake up to the alarm on your cell phone. Press the snooze button a few times, and when you are finally awake you open up your social media profiles to “catch up”. Most of us know that this is not a beneficial habit, but very few realise the dangers of it!

2) My Mornings Set a Better Tone for the Day

My phone wakes me up in the mornings and is the last thing I interact with at night. For years I was in the routine of lulling myself to sleep by playing music through earbuds connected to my phone, right next to my pillow. Needless to say, it is always within reach right when I woke up. This made it second-nature to check my social media, messages and a news app before doing anything else. Though I knew this habit probably benefited me in no way whatsoever, I previously didn’t see any harm in it.

Starting your day on social media plugs you into someone else’s life right away instead of giving you Me time to reflect on what’s happening in your own life. Starting the day with no technology will give you more time to plan, structure and prepare for your day ahead without being influenced by outside factors and negative posts.

3) You will have more time throughout the day

Technology eats up your free time. It’s so easy to get carried away because of the variety of content you get access to. Whether that would be a TV show you are watching or watching funny videos, or scrolling through your Instagram feed, there is always something to do! And most avid technology users report they spend a good amount of time on social media even when they are with their friends and family. They realize it, but it’s hard to pull away from a habit that is now happening on autopilot. You don’t even think about it! Statistics show that from 2012 to 2017 the Social Media consumptions has increased from 90 to 135 minutes. That’s more than 2 hours every single day. Imagine having 2 more hours in your day to do the things you love. You will be able to exercise, spend more time with your loved ones or simply enjoy walks in nature.

Disconnecting from social media might cause anxiety at first and fear of missing out on the things that are happening in the real world, but if you push past that initial period you will reap the benefits.

4) You will be more present

In our daily life’s we are often split between our social interactions and our phone fighting for our attention with the ever-buzzing notifications. When you disconnect yourself completely from technology, you will notice that you are more present in your interactions and you will find them much more valuable because you will be fully engaged. You will give a whole another meaning to the connection!

5) You will realize that entertainment and information can come in different forms

Netflix and Google. The staples of any avid technology user these days. You feel laziness and lack of motivation kick in, you just put on a show on Netflix to carry you away. You suddenly get an urge to find out how many people live in Ankara so you “Google” it. This robs you of your productive energy and willpower.

Knowing that there is always something to do. When you say NO to technology, you will start reading more, spend more time working on the tasks you know you should be working on, instead of debating it. Technology also brings up feelings of insecurity and causes a “fear of missing out”. The solitude that pulling back from social media and the internet, will allow you to collect your thoughts and think of what is that you really want.

Want to Take a Break from Technology?

Here a few simple tips that you can use:

1. Start with a one-day digital detox, so you can see how you feel. If you can’t commit to an entire day, limit your consumption to only certain time-frame blocks. This will have an immediate effect on the negative effects caused by technology.

2. Do you reach out to your phone in the morning? Put it in another room and set up a real alarm clock to wake you up. Not only this will help you clear your thoughts and mind but you will benefit from less exposure to EMF radiation.

3. If you spend a lot of time online, try breaking your time into bigger chunks. Spend an hour in front of the computer and then take 30 to 40 minutes off. Refresh your mind and body.

4. If you are Social Media addict, try to delete the applications you use most frequently and see how your body responds to that. Monitor how often you want to “check in”.

5. If you check your phone often, try to figure out the patterns. Do you do it out of boredom or anxiety?

6. Are you doing important work? Use the airplane mode. Keep distractions away.

7. Pick an area in your life that you wanted to spend more time on but you never had the chance. Whenever you feel you are just “killing” time on the web, go and do that thing instead.

8. Observe how you feel about the use of your devices and social media. What is serving you well and enriching your life and what is not?

And even if you are not an avid user of technology, you could still try the digital detox and see how you feel. Experiment with the time spent online. You will realise that you often feel better with less. Also, don’t forget about the EMF radiation emitted from all electronic devices and take precautious measures by placing a Kyutec Radiation blocker to stop 97.17% of the radiation coming from your devices.

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