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4 surprising ideas for gifts that your kids will never forget

It doesn’t have to be Christmas, birthday or a high score on their exam to make your kids feel special with a little, wholehearted surprise. Occasionally, we as caring parents, need to show them that they are loved and express our feelings! Kids need no complication. Here are four surprise ideas of experience gifts that your kids will love for a lifetime and will never forget!

1. Surprise Trip to water or amusement park

Why wouldn’t kids love a surprise trip to a water park where they can enjoy splashing and having fun with their friends? Or even better, an amusement park with adventurous and exciting rides and the chance to say “Hello” to their favorite screen characters?  Bring your kids to your local themed action park. The joy and happiness written on their faces are worth your days or even weeks of planning for the surprise.

We surprised our little ones, Naomi and Max, with such a trip 6 months ago. We told them that their grandparents were coming to Hong Kong from Germany to visit and needed picking up at the airport in the early morning. Disneyland and the Hong Kong airport happen to be located on the same side. The surprise did its trick all the way!

A few notes in mind – don’t get your kid overly excited if the trip is two weeks or more away. Kids do not have the understanding of time and waiting can be hard for them and unbearable for you! Also, too much hype could end up in disappointment when they learn they are not going to the promised destination. Max got too attached to the idea of seeing his grandparents again after a long time and got disappointed to only know he was not going to.

The surprise was overall a great success! Once we drove to the Tsing Ma Bridge, made a turn and arrived at the Inspiration Lake, the surprise revealed. Naomi screamed with joy when she figured it out! We were overjoyed when she called us the best parents she could have.

Trip to water or amusement park

2. Adventurous Camp Plan

Kids love camping. It also helps them be more “independent” and practice their decision-making skills. Surprise them with a well-thought out camp plan. They are bound to love exploring a whole new world. Naomi and Max loved our surprise camp trip to Pui O Campsite in Hong Kong. To them, it was a thrilling day filled with excitement and adventures.

The best part was it brought the whole family together without the distraction of work-related calls or the internet access that robs us of our family time. We taught them how to pitch a tent and build a fire. To our surprise, these kids are such fast learners. Although it took us quite an effort to carry all the hiking gears, the experience was worth a thousand words through the joy of teaching them. It was a whole new experience for us as well.

A tip to keep in mind. Choose an easier hike as the little ones get tired quickly. Frequent stops will be made so prepare yourself, with plenty of water and some healthy snacks!

Adventurous Camp with Kolki

3. “We have Kolki” – Kolki Bundle

A good gift teaches your kids to be independent and releases their full potential. With gifts like that, you rest assured without the stress that your kids turn into successful tomorrow’s leaders!

Naomi’s schedule was jam-packed with drawing classes, swimming lessons and more one after and other. Most often, she felt overwhelmed and helpless. I was not always with her to attend these classes. At times, she needed to go on her own. Although the art school was only a 10-minute walking distance from home, much attention and protection are needed to reassure Naomi’s confidence and our peace of mind.

We surprised Naomi with the Kolki Bundle as a gift after she won the “Most Creative Artist of the Month” in her class a while ago. The Kolki Bundle comes with the Kolki Child Guard GPS Watch and a pair of Slip-ons. Naomi loved these! She loved the idea of letting us keep track of her whereabouts while feeling free and independent on her own. Since then, the GPS Watch never stays off her wrist whenever she goes, the school, art center or the swimming pool! A little superwoman she became, who has no fear of danger and looks after others. She even took Max, her 6-year-old brother, to Karate class at one time. Would danger come close to them, out there on the street just on their own? “We have Kolki! Don’t worry, trust me” We couldn’t hide our happiness, that a surprise gift turned so well into growing Naomi’s sense of confidence and abilities to take care of others at such a young age.

The Kolki Watch

4. Craft a DIY unique gift

Go the extra mile, and try to craft a unique gift for your kids. Surprise them with a DIY design t-shirt or a hand-made doll. You can even create a storyboard frame for the wall of their kid’s room, featuring a recent family trip you had. This personal touch will be something, they will remember for a lifetime and also remind them of values we often forget in today’s fast-paced world. Love, care, and kindness.

Pinterest would be a great source of inspiration for DIY gifts you can make for your kids. It’s budget friendly and if you are thoughtful your kids will be jumping of excitement.

DIY gift with Kolki



It doesn’t take much to make your kids cheer with joy and bring a smile to their faces. Don’t wait for a special occasion to surprise them. Show them that they are special every day.

You can get them a Kolki gift bundle today and enjoy yourself a 20% off for limited time only. They will be more than thrilled. Also, send us over a picture as they are unwrapping their gifts and tag us with #kolkimoments on social media.

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