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On this page you can found everything there is to know about the Kolki app and about the Kolki 2 app.  PLEASE NOTE: Device is only compatible with 2G Networks. Device cannot be used in Turkey, India, Korea & Japan.  Device is compatible in Singapore until April 2017.

 Kolki 2 App icon

KOLKI 2 App for iOS & Android

The Kolki 2 app is our latest version of the popular Kolki Child Guard Watch. It includes a few new features compared to the first version.

You can find the latest Kolki 2 app in the App Store by clicking on this link:

The Kolki 2 app is our latest version of the popular Kolki Child Guard Watch.

IOS (iPhone) Versions:

Click Here to Download The IOS Version 

Android Version:

Click Here to Download the Android Version

New Features:

Once you have installed a SIM Card from your local operator you have the choice to install the Kolki Child Guard Watch app or the Kolki 2 app. The Kolki 2 app installation however does require that you send a text message to your Kolki so that it is ready to use the full features.

Instructions on how to configure the Kolki for the Kolki 2 app:

  1. IMPORTANT: First install a SIM card into the Kolki. Then arrange to first send the following text message.
  2. Send a text message to your Kolki phone number (of the installed SIM card)  The format is:  pw,123456,ip,,7755#
  3. You will receive a confirmation message.
  4. Now install the Kolki 2 app onto your phone.
  5. Create a user account under which you will register all Kolki Watches you might own.
  6. Login to the Kolki 2 app and enter the Kolki Watch ID and the SIM Card phone number.


 Kolki 1 App Icon

KOLKI App for iOS (iPhone)

Kolki App in the itunes store

This older app includes only basic options and is tied to your phone and Kolki. It cannot be used for managing multiple Kolki on several phones simultaneously. Should you already be using the Kolki 1 app it is possible to switch to the new Kolki 2 app by following the instructions above.

Our FAQ for the Kolki App can be found here.


Android (Google) Version:

Kolki Android QR Code
Kolki Android QR Code

Click On The Link Below to Google Play Store:



Any Technical Or Support Issues Please Visit Our Knowledge Base : http://bit.ly/1WEYTET

Or Contact Us At Support@Kyutec.net

How do I turn On the Watch?

Press and hold the power button for a few seconds. The watch should lights up.

How do I Turn Off The Watch?

Via the Kolki app. You can remotely turn off the watch. Manually works like this: You can press the SOS button 5 times

Followed by pressing Key 1 once.

Then press Key 2 once. The Kolki will then power down.

The Kolki will then power down

How Do I Log In To  the Kolki APP ? (not required for Kolki 2 App users)

User Name:
“(code on the back of the metal plate on the bottom of the watch)”

kolki product easy use


“123456” – this is the default password for all new Kolkis watches

These codes can be changed and adjusted within the App once you have logged in.

If you can call your Kolki but the app is unable to connect to your Kolki then you need to update the Kolki’s APN Information. Please see the link below for further details: