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Kyutec pain relief pad helps with recovery after knee replacement

Pain relief Pad
Mother taking it easy after the surgery. Note the scar on the knee.


We thought we publish a personal story on the Kyutec pain relief pad today from inside the company from one of our staff. We were both happy and touched by this story and how we could help with the products that we make. We asked him to write down his story. Here it is:


One thing that happens as you grow older is to see how your parents age. In my particular case this has been a joy, but also fills me with a certain feeling of responsibility. You certainly start observing things you did not notice before. Your respective changes with age. You acquire wisdom as you grow older, no doubt.


Every child thinks their parents are invincible, incredibly strong and always have a solution to anything. Ad I have grown up to have my own kids the perspective changes and you begin to realise how fragile things really are when you look at ageing and health. My mother for instance always had bad knees. My father suffered from a fractured leg which made him always worry when playing with us children. Thinking how I strive to play football with my son as often as I have time and stay fit, I now realise that as a son to my parents I should watch them carefully as they age and help wherever possible. As a son I feel I have grown closer emotionally than while I still used to live at home as a rebellious adolescent, because of this change of perspective.


As a kid my mother would now and then be in hospital and have some operations performed on both knees to keep her mobile. All those years working as a nurse in the hospital ICU department were finally taking their toll. Apparently those operations only lasted a few decades, as now with 82, she finally needed a knee replacement. My mother for years has trouble walking and getting up stairs and in the past decade it only got worse. So much she could not exercise and her mobility was suffering. My mother climbs daily five flights of stairs to get to the flat and it was getting harder by the day.

So finally she had her first knee replacement. The first three weeks were spent in hospital and in physiotherapy. Everything was going well. When it was time to go home, on crutches of course, the doctors recommended moving the leg as much as possible.

But they seemed to overlook the huge scar and swelling which made movement difficult. So I thought let’s try a Kyutec pain relief pad to place near the scar and the swelling. I took a picture as I wanted to ensure that every time the pad would be placed in the same spot.

Kyutec Pain Relief Pad

Here is the picture I took from the pain relief pad on the painful area next to the scar.


To my mother’s surprise the TENS electrostimulus of the pain relief pad worked well. The pulling pain sensation she felt from the scar receded. In the next few days cold packs, pain relief pad worked in tandem as the wound healed and she could finally walk without crutches and got better at her daily exercises.

Today almost 3 months after the operation, she has put on more muscle, almost runs up the steps and is a lot more mobile. She still looks much younger at 82 years than anyone else I have seen. I am happy about how the pain relief pad has worked in this case (you can find some other advice on how to treat pain here. It felt good to do something good as a son and repay her some of the caring I received as a child all these years.


So there you go this is the story from one of our staff. We hope you liked it. Let us know in the comments!

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