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pain relief treatments which really work – drug free!

Pain relief drug free

Pain signals that the body tries to protect itself and tell you that something is wrong. When something hurts you need some pain relief. So it is important that you react to the signal and do some sort of pain relief treatment, to either relieve the symptoms or even the cause of the pain. If the pain is short-lived, usually less than 72 hours, then it’s termed acute pain. Cross the 72 hour mark and you are likely experiencing something chronic, with deeper effects on your physiological and psychological well-being. Depending on the type of pain you usually have a few options to try. Chronic pain might require you to see a doctor and seek professional advice. Yes and we do think that these things down below work for migraines, nack paine, a sore neck and other thing within reason. Please keep that in mind when reading this article. So let’s get on with our Treatments which really help against pain.


pain relief

Pain Relief Using Cold and Heat

The first is using cold and heat. Try applying a home-made hot or cold pack to your affected area. You can obtain gel packs which can be either frozen or heated and last longer than ice or wet towels. Try asking a physical therapist or chiropractor for such packs, they can also show you some ways to apply those packs for even better pain relief.


Yoga – excercise to reduce chronic pain

In our opinion Yoga is a great way to treat pain. Firstly it is a form of exercise which you can adjust to your body strength, finding just the right level of muscle exercises which can help you manage pain, and even reduce in some cases.Secondly, the slow stretching poses under tension, the emphasis on breathing techniques as well as movements increases your body’s flexibility, which can reduce the likelihood of any new ailments. Choose your poses and gradually work your way up. Nobody needs complicated scorpion or dancer poses. Stick to the basics and stick to consistent excercise schedules. In the long-run Yoga really is a great tool for effective pain relief compared to any pharmaceutical treatment.
Here is a great list of how yoga can help reduce chronic pain.

Yoga for pain relief


Mindfulness Stress Reduction – relieves pain studys show

If you suffer from a sore back, mindfulness stress reduction can very likely help you to combat that pain. A study published by Harvard demonstrated that after a 26 week period of applying mindfulness excercises, results were consistently better than the alternative pain treatments such as giving out pain killers. So sitting around at your office desk for long long hours? Does it hurt? Well then maybe you should consider some mindfulness stress reduction.After all 50% of the pain intensity is all in the mind. Don’t want to go to a meditation class far away from home? There are some excellent apps around which can help you find some pain relief through body scan techniques or otherwise. Some of our favourite apps in this space are Calm or Headspace which even has a website where you can start meditation immediately.

KT1042 Pain Relief Pad

Pain Relief Pad – TENS drug free pain relief

One equally effective way to relief pain is by using pain relief pads. Those are small bags with gel pads, electrodes, which you apply to the affected area. With the push of a button a 15 minute treatment programme runs automatically providing stimulus to the underlying tissue. Similar to acupuncture and heat treatment this type of therapy is called tens.
TENS works by sending tiny electrical pulses into your body tissue and nerves. This suppresses pain by blocking the pain signals before they reach the brain, providing longer lasting pain relief drug-free. Some of the more effective pains this pad can treat are migraines and strained back muscles. Simply just attach the pad to the affected area, press the button and let it do the work. As it is small you can even treat yourself during your lunch break or at the office. How does it work? Watch the video on how it works here.

The pain relief pad uses a proven technology called TENS, (TENS…more about here) which is proven for pain relief treatments. You can obtain those pain relief pads online at the Kyutec shop.

So we hope this is a comprehensive list of what you could choose to do if pain is not going away. Of course staying healthy involves all sorts of aspects ranging from nutrition, to excercise, to finding enough sleep (what sleep can do? read here) can mean your pain as your body grows older will be less in general.

You think we have missed something ? Anything you would like to add? Let us know in the comments!


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