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Is going tech-free protecting kids from radiation?

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Most modern human beings on the planet are probably overdosing on their tech and media consumption.This exposes them to potentially dangerous radiation. Smartphones, laptops and wireless devices are ubiquitous. Earth is one big network of electromagnetic radiation (EMF) emanating from wireless internet networks and radio transmissions. All these electro emissions are generated by the operation of our electronic gadgets. Studies point out who is most vulnerable to these technologies: Our children. Down below we will talk about how children’s internet media consumption is on the increase and how this has consequences to their physical and psychological well-being.


Children’s Media Consumption Via the Internet is on the Increase.

A study looked at the media consumption of children. The result: TV is clearly loosing out. Instead, Netflix, Tv stations’ streaming services and also YouTube are on the rise. They were especially popular among children. The study found that 37% of three- to four-year-olds watch YouTube, rising to 87% of 12- to 15-year-olds.

Children between the ages of five and 15 a few years ago were spending an average of 15 hours a week using the internet. Older children are spending even more time on the internet, with 12- to 15-year-olds online for just over 20 hours a week. Even for most of us growing up with TV, this is a huge amount. One can only wonder what effects such high internet usage might do to kids. A good indicator is to look at Silicon Valley, where most of our modern tech has been invented. Most CEOs of media companies such as Facebook and Youtube know only too well the risks associated with their services being used excessively. Bill Gates did not let his children use smartphones until they were 14. So for a lot of households in Silicon Valley (the Mecca of tech!) and elsewhere, establishing clear rules for the use of electronics: no computers at the dinner table, no computers at breakfast, limited usage time and so on.


Potential harmful effect of EMF using smart devices

So besides some other worrying trends that overuse of social media might have on adolescents psyche, there is also a clear physical threat: that of electrosmog, that is, harmful electromagnetic radiation frequencies which manage from those devices. We have pointed out to the dangers of those here and here and also here. Now with all this digital media consumption clearly on the increase among your little ones and teenagers, is exposing yourself to all that electromagnetic radiation for such a long time at least worrying as a parent? Using digital devices all day long, you need to consider what action you can take to protect them a little more from this harmful radiation. It makes for parents to supervise their kids while using laptops, tablets, cell phones and other electronic devices close to the body since children are still growing. their skulls are thinner, shorting the distance to the brain which means the signals are potentially stronger than with adults, and their usage time is much longer than with adults.



Use Radiation Blockers

So what can you do? Well, distance and proactive actions are called for. For instance, try to keep your devices at night as far away from your bed as possible. You could keep them in a closet outside of the room where your kids sleep, for instance. This would also serve as a useful ‚quiet time‘ opportunity to unwind and settle into healthy sleeping habits (on healthy sleep we have also written some stuff before).
You could also simply switch off your devices at certain times during the day. Difficult maybe and not necessarily a good idea for those rebellious teenagers.
Another possibility is to use radiation blockers. Those are metal mesh stickers, which when fixed to your smartphone for laptops help to reduce the overall strength of the magnetic fields created around them. While of course, most electronic devices lie well within what are considered to be safe limits, you can always add a little more protection, right?

When using portable electronic devices like cell phones, apply common sense and use the Kyutec Radiation Blocker to block up to 97.17% of the harmful radiation. See for yourself at this link.



So we hope that this article has given you an idea about what actions you can take to protect your children’s internet consumption and usage of electronic devices.

Keep an eye out as we follow up more on this topic.


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