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The most versatile summer shoes for kids under 30$

Buying clothes and shoes for your kids can be extremely daunting and challenging task. Especially that children’s footwear these days looks and feels like an exact copy of adult shoes. You probably know what we mean: big and bulky, and as you have to buy at least a size bigger to make the new pair last a while you often wonder if your child’s little legs can move those feet at all.


Parents are probably out at least every half year looking for new shoes. And in our busy schedules, not every parent is looking forward to buying new shoes for their little ones. Frustration is often combined with the relief of having finally completed the task. No need to worry about feet for another 6 months.

Maybe! But then, your troubles have only just started. Especially in summer when kids just want to run about. Shoelaces? Yes, sure daddy can tie them 5 times per day. Feet too heavy from all the walking (might that be the shoes and not the feet?)? Carry the kids instead of them walking on their own two feet. Those are just a few of the problems we have seen with regular shoes.

This is what we were thinking when we started on our quest to design a great summer shoe for children. We let the kids tell us what the perfect shoe should look like. And here is what they’ve said – “It has to be cool looking, comfy and no laces!”



Apart from what the kids suggested we thought of a few other things. We wanted the shoes to be extremely light, easy to put on with a sole which matches the kids’ natural movement. This is important for moving smoothly and essential when it comes to growing up healthy and staying mobile.

Kids love to go on adventures so we thought footwear which could be multi-purpose use for different activities would be great. So we selected some activities such as playing in the sand, on the grass, in the ocean or at the pool, for rock climbing and on the playground under which this shoe should work. We wanted to have the ultimate kids shoe ideal for any situation that we can bring with us when travelling.

And of course, families have to watch out for their budgets so we kept the price of our new footwear below US$ 50.



And that’s how the Kolki Slip-Ons were born. The first ever kids-invented and parent designed shoe with colorful fun prints, made from stretchable top notch quality fabric and comfortable rubber soles. We’ve tested them with hundreds of kids and they just love to wear them on heavy hikes, in the park, at the beach and even on obstacle racing courses.



They also come in two vibrant colors making them a suitable fit for both boys and girls. The kids simply love them and if yours don’t have a pair you should buy some now!



So in time for summer, we are offering a 50% discount on the Kolki Slip-ons which originally sell for 48$ for a limited time only. You save 24$!

The quantities are very limited and the different sizes sell out quickly so if you want to get a pair of Kolkis’ at 24$ you have to act fast.

Surprise your kids with a pair here -> https://www.kyutec.net/shop/kolki-slip-ons/


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